Wednesday, 30 October 2019 09:37

ENplus® Revision goes to Enquiry Stage

The world-leading certification scheme for wood pellet quality enters the next stage of its multi stakeholders’ revision process with that of the Public Consultation. The revised version of the ENplus® procedures and requirements are expected to be published in the Spring of 2020.

The European Pellet Council (EPC), a network of Bioenergy Europe and the governing body of the ENplus® certification for wood pellets, encourages all stakeholders globally to provide comments on the revised requirements of the scheme. The consultation will be open from the 7th of October and will remain open until the 30th of November 2019.

2019 10 30 093705After the launch of the revision process in December 2018, the first round of feedback was received from a variety of stakeholders, with two key bodies working on the process, namely, the Editorial Committee together with the Advisory Committee reaching a consensus on the new documentation now ready to gain additional insights from an even broader audience.

The third revision of the scheme is part of ENplus® efforts to continuously reach for the highest in pellet quality and to adapt to the expansion of the market as well as continuing the success of the ENplus® certification.

Now, with nearly 1000 companies certified across 45 countries and nearly 12 million tonnes of certified pellets estimated to be produced by the end of 2019, ENplus® maintains its world-leading position in guaranteeing wood pellet quality.

The consultation process is an integral part of the revision, with three standards being put out for commenting, namely, ENplus® Wood Pellets – Requirements, Requirements for conformity assessment bodies operating the ENplus® certification and Usage of the ENplus® trademark – Requirements. In conjunction with a questionnaire which will focus on the major changes brought by the process, this consultation offers the possibility for every actor within the pellet market to have a say on the draft documentation.

Both the drafts of the revised documentation and online form for commenting are now available online via the ENplus® website at
The public consultation will be available from the 7th October until midnight on the 30th November 2019

CLICK HERE to take part in the Public Consultation

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