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Pellet quality certification sets the scene for market expansion

The consumption of wood pellets in the heating sector is increasing rapidly in Europe – from less than 6 million tons in 2010 to more than 7 million tons in 2012. The ENplus wood pellet quality certification system is one important factor of this expansion. “Clearly defined properties and a rigorous quality management system are essential preconditions for the successful introduction of a new energy commodity. With the establishment of the ENplus system and its rapid market uptake wood pellets have fulfilled all preconditions for market success. Substantial economic advantages of using pellets - costs are 30-50% lower than heating oil in most EU member countries - will led to sustained rapid growth of this new renewable fuel”, explains Christian Rakos, president of EPC.

ENplus already covers half of the European demand for wood pellets in the heating sector (3,5 million tons) and has established itself as the leading pellet certification system after its introduction in 2010. The ENplus handbook is the backbone of the system as it structures the certification process and the function and responsibilities of all involved stakeholders.

Clarifications, program improvement and better usability of the ENplus handbook were the main reasons for revising the handbook in a comprehensive way. All ENplus stakeholders (especially producers, traders, pellet associations and inspection/certification companies) gave input to the handbook update. The European Commission supports the process in the frame of the PellCert which organized more than a dozen consultation events.

ENplus further enhances the transparency of sustainable pellet production by introducing sustainability declarations of all producers and publishing of (aggregated) CO2 footprints of pellet production on the ENplus website (soon available).

“The update of ENplus handbook positions the system well for the on-going expansion in Europe and overseas” said Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretary General of AEBIOM

The ENplus handbook 2.0 will enter into force on 1 May 2013 and can already be accessed on the ENplus website: 

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