Wednesday, 27 May 2015 11:28

Ponsse is launching new engines and a new forwarder at SkogsElmia

Ponsse is coming to SkogsElmia with a forwarder that’s 50 percent new. It’s the company’s smallest model, the ten-tonne Gazelle.

“It’s new ahead of the centre pivot,” says Eero Lukkarinen, Managing Director of Ponsse AB in Sweden.

Ponsse gazelle-1 560p

Gazelle shares one of the innovations with another nine harvesters and forwarders. The innovation is a newly developed series of engines that meet the strictest environmental standards in accordance with Stage IV/Tier 4f. With the aid of afterburning and the addition of diesel exhaust fluid, pollutants are radically reduced. The machines equipped with the new engines are all labelled the Ponsse 2015 series.

“We’ve also extended the service intervals and shortened the time needed for daily maintenance by bringing the service points forward,” Eero says.

With the new engine the interval for a major service is 1,800 hours with an in-between service after 900 hours. The previous intervals were 600/1,200 hours, which was already longer than other makes.

The cab on the Gazelle is also a new design, with an improved work environment and better operator comfort.

But the major cab innovation is on another forwarder, which is also being presented at SkogsElmia. It is the mid-sized forwarder Buffalo, with a load capacity of up to 15 tonnes, which now has a cab with active levelling. The system is called ActiveFrame.

There is an extra frame for the cab, which is tilted sideways with the help of two pistons. The system alters the cab’s angle of incline, for example if the machine drives over a stump. The levelling function reacts quickly and is a clear improvement to the operator’s work environment.

Gazelle will have its world premiere at SkogsElmia. The Buffalo AF with its new cab is being presented to the public for the first time in Sweden.

The Ponsse Buffalo with ActiveFrame is being presented to the public for the first time at SkogsElmia.

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