Tuesday, 16 September 2014 20:24

Södra's 74-tonne wood-chip truck now rolling fully loaded

On 15 May, Södra's two truck rigs with a maximum weight of 74 tonnes officially entered service. They are now rolling fully loaded.

2014-09-16 201625 sodra truck

Shortly after entering service, a dispensation was received for one of the rigs, a timber truck with a five-axle trailer. Dispensation for the wood-chip truck was not granted until 10 September and, during the waiting period, the truck operated as a 60-tonne truck. Now both rigs are in full production and both are included in the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden's ETT - Modular System for Timber Transport project named One More Stack.

"We are relieved to finally get started. It will be interesting to follow how much more we will be able to transport for different products and what this will mean in terms of fewer journeys and lowered emissions," says Åsa Forss, Transport Manager at Södra.

Södra is one of the stakeholders in the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden's project for larger and heavier timber transportation vehicles. The project is evaluating a number of vehicles in practical operation, where areas include environmental impact (fuel consumption and emissions), road safety and costs. Two primary types of longer and/or heavier vehicles are being evaluated:

. ETT rigs, (One More Stack) with a length of 30 metres (max. 32 metres) and a maximum weight of 90 tonnes
. ST rigs (Bigger Stacks) with a normal length of (max. 25.25 metres) and a maximum weight of 74 tonnes.

To find out more, please Contact:
Håkan Larsson, President, Södra Skog, tel: +46 70 589 45 10
Annica Gerentz, Director of Communications, Södra, tel: +46 470 894 81
Åsa Forss, Transport Manager Södra, tel: +46 470 856 41

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