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The world's first stroke harvester head without electricity

New Naarva S23 is cheap simple and light weight stroke harvester head for tractors and small excavators.

harvest headNaarva S23 is easy to operate. The required oil flow is only 40 l / min, and installation is quick since additional hydraulics or electricity are not required. All the functions are controlled with grapples open/close- valve. Electrical valves have been replaced with the two adjustable sequence valves; one for cutting and the other one for opening of holding arms and delimbing knives.Tilt function is mechanical. The head can be locked in a vertical position with the delimbing stroke.
S23 guillotine cuts the tree with a 8 mm cutting blade against a single countergrip. The cutting surface is clean and even.

Naarva S23 has been real best-seller in Finland. Over hundred machines have been sold in few months.

Naarva S23 is incredibly simply but very functional small stroke harvester head:
- Max. felling and cutting with knife Ø 23 cm.
- Delimbing stroke 50 cm.
- Controlling only with grapples open/close valve - No electric valves, cables, connectors or extra hydraulics.
- Weight 230 kg.
- Splitting wedges for fire wood as an option.

Additional Info

Pentin Paja Oy is a family-owned company established in 1982; the company is specialised in developing and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for small wood handling. We also provide servicing, installation and maintenance services for industrial facilities.
The company sells over 10 different models of stroke harvesters, felling heads, energy wood heads, and uprooters under the Naarva brand name. The product range also includes the Naarva pole planting bucket. The Naarva product family offers equipment for base machines of all machine manufacturers: tractors, forestry machines, excavators and trucks. Naarva products are used for various purposes, including energy wood harvesting, first thinning, removal of problem trees, cleaning of seedling stands, as well as for clearing of road shoulders and field edges. We have delivered Naarva products to over 30 countries. Our major export countries are Sweden, Germany, Norway and Estonia.

Sales and customer service

Pamilonkatu 30, FI-80130 Joensuu

Tel. +358 (0)13 825 051, Fax +358 (0)13 825 053

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