Friday, 07 June 2013 20:35

Komatsu’s new forwarder – designed to please everyone

The new Komatsu 845 forwarder is not a machine, it’s a menu.

“We’ve designed it so that customers around the world can get the right machine for their needs,” explains product manager Kjell Rönnholm.

komatsu 1

The new thinning harvester Komatsu 845 is more of a menu than a machine.

The Komatsu 845 had its world premiere at Elmia Wood 2013. The machine is an eight-wheeled thinning forwarder that can load 12 tonnes. The innovations can be found in the details – lots and lots of details.

“From our Japanese owners we’ve learned the process of making continual improvements,” says sales rep Joakim Danielsson, who had a full-time job during the four days of the fair to present all the many improvements.

Here are the most important ones: A new and fuel-efficient engine that can conform to the upcoming EU Stage 4 F legislation, which will apply from 2015. A new transmission. A new and weight-optimised frame system. New bunks for better load capacity. A completely new crane with hidden hydraulic hoses and a new pillar solution. Komatsu’s new cab with terrific suspension. To mention just a few.

But the most important feature for the operator should be all the improved details. All the service points are easily accessible. There are masses of ingenious storage compartments for extra hydraulic hoses etc. Few other machines have such an easily accessible engine – you can stand inside the engine cover when it’s opened to the front. The toolbox has been given a heated location beside the engine.

“We asked customers and operators around the world what they wanted,” Danielsson says.

The responses were very numerous and very varied. That is why the Komatsu 845 has an unusually long list of options. Every market and every customer can custom order precisely the right machine. For instance, options that will probably become standard in Sweden are fixed mounted lights in the rear for road transport and hinged headlights in the front.

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