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John Deere presents an Industry Breakthrough

John Deere Forestry, at stand number 827, presents a wide variety of new machines, machine features and options, as well as automation and aftersales solutions in the Elmia Wood 2013 exhibition on June 5-8 in Jönköping, Sweden. These solutions arise out of a genuine desire to know our customers’ business needs and to boost our customers' business with the help of the most productive, reliable and intelligent machines and support solutions.

1070E IT4 opt

Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) - a long-awaited breakthrough in forwarder technology which makes the work easier, faster and more productive

Intuitive boom tip control has been on the forest machine feature wish list for 30 years already. John Deere is now proud to present this option – named Intelligent Boom Control (IBC). IBC makes the boom operation accurate, fast and easy, as the operator now controls directly the boom tip instead of controlling each independent boom joint movement. When extra movements are eliminated, IBC will also increase the durability of boom structures and hydraulic cylinders.

Intelligent Boom Control is exclusively available from John Deere. In the test machines, this new control system has significantly increased even experienced operators’ working speed. The productivity of unseasoned operators has improved enormously. IBC provides it all in one package: more productivity with the best possible fuel economy and boom lifetime.

The first 8-wheeler and small E-series IT4 harvesters in world premier

1210E IT4 optAt Elmia Wood, John Deere will be presenting an 8-wheel version of its famous 1270E harvester. The 8-wheel option is especially designed for steep slope and soft soil conditions. This new option offers more power, higher ground clearance and strong Duraxle™ bogie axles with customized balancing gear units for excellent climbing ability and traction. Outstanding stability and large approach angle enable the best possible performance in demanding terrain conditions.

The agile and powerful John Deere 1070E and 1170E IT4 harvesters are equipped with bigger work pumps for more power and torque in comparison to the corresponding Tier-3 models. The 1170E IT4 harvester is equipped with a 175 cm³ pump and the 1070E IT4 harvester has a larger 160 cm³ pump for increased oil flow which enables efficient use of the new Processing Power Control (PPC) feature. Both of these new models are powered by John Deere 6068 PowerTech™ Plus series turbo-charged 6-cylinder 6.8L engines.

In terms of durability, precision handling and speedy processing, John Deere harvester booms and harvester heads are top-of-class. For even faster and more productive pulp and energy-wood harvesting, harvester heads can be optionally equipped with multi-tree handling (MTH) devices.

Processing Power Control - another industry leading innovation by John Deere

Processing Power Control (PPC) is another industry leading innovation by John Deere. PPC comes as standard in all new John Deere harvesters and enhances the productivity and fuel economy with three different power levels for different logging conditions. The PPC levels range from an energy saving mode to a boost mode. In the energy saving mode, machine performance is optimized with regard to maximum fuel economy. The middle level optimizes machine performance for operating at its nominal timber size. The boost mode provides full power performance for harvesting exceptionally large and heavy timber.

Processing Power Control provides optimized fuel economy and maximum productivity for varying logging conditions. It offers unwavering processing power for all situations but also economically reasonable downshifting options for nominal tree size and thinning tasks.

Mid-size E-series IT4 forwarders, the comeback of a fixed cabin option

Fixed CabinAt Elmia Wood, John Deere also introduces the 1210E and 1510E IT4 models of the E series forwarders. The new John Deere 1210E IT4 forwarder offers more power and torque as well as improved boom control. It comes equipped with forest-tough bogie axles, V-groove axle mounts, strong frames and a durable middle joint which provide exceptional uptime throughout the life of the machine.

The 1510E IT4 forwarder is among John Deere’s most powerful forwarders, now with more capacity and power with a larger hydraulic pump and a stronger drive motor. Similar to 1210E IT4, it features productivity and uptime enhancing bogie axles, V-groove axle mounts, strong frames and a durable middle joint. The 1510E IT4 showcases excellent transport capability, combined with trustworthiness.

Both of these new E-series IT4 forwarders feature a new headboard design that significantly improves the operator’s visibility of the load area. The unloading speed is in particular enhanced, as you see better where to grab. The 1210E IT4 forwarder offers increased cross-sectional area of 4.7 m² for the wide load space option. The 1510E IT4 forwarder’s cross-sectional area has been increased to 5.3 m2 for the wide load space option.

John Deere 1210E and 1510E IT4 forwarders are equipped with John Deere 6068 PowerTech™ Plus series turbo-charged 6-cylinder 6.8L engines. Depending on the market, 1510E is also available with an EPA Tier 3 and Stage 2 engine, and 1210E with a Stage 2 engine respectively.

In response to many customer requests, John Deere is now offering an alternative for the revolutionary rotating and leveling cabin in its E-series forwarders. The fixed cabin option features the same control panels and the same seat options as the rotating model. Also other components and optional equipment are similar to the rotating cabin, which secures easy maintenance and good spare part availability. Despite a different machine concept, the fixed cabin also offers good visibility to the work area and an ergonomic operator environment.

Market-leading innovations continue in the automation systems

In addition to IBC and PPC, John Deere is presenting a series of other innovations in the E-series harvesters’ and forwarders’ measuring and control systems. The new TimberMatic H-12 (harvesters) and F-12 (forwarders) control systems focus on customers’ productivity, uptime and daily operating costs by offering, for example, the following new features:

  • Smooth Boom Control – SBC - is a new control system feature which enhances the boom precision of the E-series harvesters and forwarders and reduces vibration. SBCmakes the operator’s work easier, loading faster and boosts the machine productivity.
  • Cruise Control makes it possible to drive a John Deere forwarder at a constant speed similar to passenger cars. This option is also available as a retrofit kit.
  • Configurable User Interface is a new shortcut display in the PC, ultimately increasing uptime and productivity for operators. The advanced display makes the control system navigation easy.
  • Sub Shifts Work Statistics enables two machine operators to be active in Work Statistics at the same time, providing better follow-up of the machine and operators during equipment service and repair.

John Deere’s IT4 emission solution with the proven PowerTech TM Plus engines

IT4 Engine optJohn Deere engines provide the right technology and are simple to operate and maintain while delivering power, fuel efficiency, reliability and a low cost of ownership. The IT4 engine meets the EPA Interim Tier / EU Stage IIIB emission regulations without DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), based on proofed EGR and added exhaust filter (ATD = After Treatment Device). To put it simply, the IT4 engine provides more power and torque, and less emission. On top of this, you will benefit from numerous other features, such as reduced daily maintenance efforts and costs, better engine power, responsiveness and cooling. Depending on market specific requirements, the engines are adjusted to meet EPA Tier3 and EPA Interim Tier 4 emission standards.

Exclusive software solutions for both machine and office use

The completely renewed TimberOffice™ 5 fleet management system becomes the most developed solution on the market for forest machine performance data management. TimberOffice makes decision-making faster and business operations more competitive and profitable. It can also support data gained from other than John Deere machines.

The JDLink™ machine and fleet management system enables our customers and distributors to remotely connect to the equipment by providing real-time alerts and other machine information such as location, utilization, fuel consumption and maintenance data. JDLink also enables automatic engine software updating and improves service support. Machine information is transmitted wirelessly to the JDLink server which can be accessed through the internet. JDLink is currently offered free-of-charge for a period of three years to E-series IT4 machine owners.

The exclusive John Deere TimberLink™ monitoring system – an integrated suite of information services for optimizing equipment and total productivity – now features an operator report with even more detailed comparation to other harvester operators working under similar conditions. The system also provides the operator with individual guidance for working method development.

After-sales solutions now feature the longest maintenance intervals in the industry

John Deere is now strongly responding to the customers’ request to cut down the operating costs of their machines. We are introducing extended maintenance intervals for the new E-series IT4 models. Instead of the previous standard of 500, 1000 and 2000 hour maintenance intervals, we now offer the longest maintenance intervals in forest machine industry: 750, 1500 and 3000 hours.

The extended intervals are made possible by the filter and fluids development as well as the product design. Longer maintenance intervals will be available for the customers who are utilizing John Deere Fluids and Lubricants, John Deere Genuine Filters and the John Deere Fluid sampling program. With the extended maintenance intervals, the John Deere customers can achieve a 25% maintenance cost reduction and gain 30% more uptime, thanks to fewer maintenance interruptions to the logging work as well as lower maintenance related transportation costs.

John Deere also expands the TimberCare service product offering to meet the E-series IT4 machine requirements. Tuning Day, Operator coaching and TimberLink Machine Performance and TimberLink Operator Performance reports have been modified to better serve the E-series IT4 machine owners. A variety of new Performance Plus consumable products are also available to meet our customers’ demands at attractive prices.

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