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HAIX® Protector Ultra guarantees great comfort and protection for forestry workers

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Latest product innovation in the forestry sector available in two different colours.

2016-06-16 075835HAIX, the functional footwear specialist based in Mainburg, Germany,  launches the latest innovation in forestry footwear, the Protector Ultra, available in lime green and signal red. The boot combines all of the footwear features required for forestry professional.

HAIX footwear designer Andreas Himmelreich highlights that the features within the Protector Ultra enable the footwear to be “both sturdy and strong, yet light in weight.”

The product boasts a soft yet close fitting cuff that prevents sawdust and other dirt entering the shoe. The two-zone lacing system means that the boot can be tightened and adjusted accordingly in two sections, ensuring that the foot and the calf fit the individual perfectly. The antibacterial, moisture-repellent insole with heel cup further enhances impact protection and foot guidance.  The VIBRAM® sole is made from a special HAIX rubber mix compound, preventing slipping at low temperatures.

Andreas enthused: “thanks to the breathable design, the Protector Ultra offers maximum protection whilst being watertight and above all, comfortable.”

Comfort for the whole day

2016-06-16 075923The health problems that can develop as the result of inadequate footwear are extensive. HAIX CEO Ewald Haimerl comments " Perfect fit is a must considering that, in forestry, boots are worn all day by people performing heavy work.” These boots have been developed according to orthopaedic criteria, taking into account the latest scientific knowledge in all relevant fields, ensuring that throughout the development proves, worker health is an uppermost concern.

Like many HAIX models, the Protector Ultra comes with a GORE-TEX ® lining for optimum climate comfort in all seasons – even under the most adverse conditions.

Cut protection boot that looks the part

"We no longer have to wait for a practical protective boot that looks great!” said a HAIX boot tester.

2016-06-16 075945Commenting on the Protector Ultra, Ewald explained “It is our intention that this boot isn’t simply used for work but is a functional footwear solution suitable for use in a range of applications, including leisure pursuits such as motorcycling.”

Fact sheet:

  • Upper material: breathable suede
  • Breathable GORE-TEX® lining for optimum climate comfort and protection against moisture
  • Two-zone lacing system for improved foot and ankle support
  • Moisture-absorbent, torsion-proof sole (minimising puncture pressure, for example from stones)
  • Anti-slip VIBRAM® sole with rugged rough terrain profile
  • Separate heel cup for extra impact protection and improved foot guidance
  • PU cushioning wedge, extra toe-to-heel comfort
  • Cut protection class 2

The Protector Ultra is available for pre order on the HAIX UK web shop:

About HAIX 

HAIX, the specialist in functional footwear, was founded in 1948 in Mainburg, Bavaria, Germany. HAIX is well established in the workwear, forestry, and outdoor industry thanks to the quality of its functional shoes and safety shoes. HAIX has redefined shoes for professional use with outstanding technical know-how and a perfected high-tech production process. Its practice-based research and creative new product developments are the trademarks of its craft. In 2012, a completely new product line has paved the way into the leisure and sports field.

Since 2009, HAIX footwear over 720 employees have been making high-quality HAIX functional shoes in Croatia. The US branch of HAIX in Lexington, Kentucky, has been furthering expansion in the American market since 2003.

HAIX employs more than 1.000 people worldwide and manufactured more than 1,000,000 pairs of shoes in 2015. In Europe, America, or Asia – or wherever else reliable footwear is needed – high-quality HAIX® boots have become an indispensable companion.

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