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A new generation of forest owners focuses more on preservation

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New-generation forest owners are managing their own forests and aiming for more than just a return on their investment. At least as important to them is to care for their forests in a long-term, environmentally suitable way. That was clear among both the visitors and exhibitors at this year’s SkogsElmia.

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“This year’s fair was a trend break. Forest owners are now demanding that the big forest companies and their subcontractors use gentler methods to reduce ground damage and other types of impact on the environment. We’re now selling 70 percent of our machines to professional contractors,” says Magnus Wallin, business development manager and founder of the machinery manufacturer Malwa, one of a growing number of manufacturers of small forest machines for professional use.

SkogsElmia is the Nordic region’s biggest forestry fair. Exhibitors included a number of manufacturers of full-size machines, including Sampo Rosenlew and Ponsse. Sampo Rosenlew unveiled its very first forwarder and Ponsse presented its upgraded Buffalo forwarder with its active cab levelling system Active Frame.

“There was a lot of interest in the new cab. It was a good fair with a large number of contractors among the visitors,” said Carl-Henrik Hammar, the new managing director of Ponsse’s Swedish subsidiary.

Other innovations also debuted at SkogsElmia. Pewag of Austria had the world premiere of its new-generation tracks for forest machines; Tamtron exhibited its new crane scale with wireless transmission, and ATV Lifeguard had the European premiere of its flexible roll bar for quad bikes.

“There’s a spirit of drive and ambition in the forestry world that spurs on new innovations,” comments SkogsElmia’s project manager, Torbjörn Johnsen. “As forest owners make new demands, forestry fairs are becoming an ever-more important meeting place for the industry’s various stakeholders and also a platform for the development of new products and services. A number of the industry’s biggest players say they meet as many customers, members or suppliers during the three days of the fair as during the entire rest of the year. Obviously such encounters spur on development and change.”

SkogsElmia had 26168 visitors.

The next big forest industry event is Elmia Wood 7–10 June 2017.

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