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MHG Systems joins forces with Pennine Biomass

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MHG Systems is to collaborate with Pennine Biomass Ltd, one of the leading heating, consulting and engineering service providers in the field of wood energy heating business in the UK, to provide an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution – MHG Biomass Manager – tailored to the British biomass industry. Specifically, Pennine Biomass’s first priority will be to make MHG Biomass Manager ready for use with the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) requirements.

In collaboration with Pennine Biomass, MHG Systems is providing a very specific Biomass ERP solution for UK biomass players, with extremely high operational efficiency and sustainability features. MHG Biomass Manager will be used to track and manage biomass fuel business operations from tree stump to boiler.

MHG Biomass Manager brings your biomass supply chain situation into view for all stakeholders. The service is specifically designed to assist in the increase of energy output per unit of biomass harvested and transported. Biomass Manager enables geo-tracking of load specific data points from production areas to the conversion facility and beyond. Customizable reporting solutions assist supply teams in keeping track of job data so you can rest assured that reporting requirements are being met. Customizable reporting solutions in Biomass Manager help biomass supplier to meet their sustainability requirements.

“The biomass heating market has seen huge growth in the UK in the last few years, largely driven by the RHI.  The Government is now introducing sustainability and emissions requirements and monitoring as part of the scheme.  Fundamentally, efficient operation of the newly installed boilers depends on the supply of quality biomass wood fuel.  The biomass fuel supply chain has arguably been struggling to keep up with the rapidly developing demand for wood fuel in the UK, and hence by using the latest technologies and methods that MHG Biomass Manager can offer we believe that operators throughout the UK biomass supply chain can be better able to provide a quality product in a timely and sustainable manner”, said Andy Howard, Director  Pennine Biomass.

“When working with biomass, it is important to get a holistic picture of the value chain phase by phase. Biomass manager creates the path of least resistance to a more reliable biomass supply chain” pressed Seppo Huurinainen, CEO MHG Systems. He anticipated that MHG Systems is ready to work with British biomass producers, suppliers and users to facilitate adoption of easy-to-use IT solutions for everyday business development.

Additional Info

About Pennine Biomass

Pennine Biomass provides a total biomass solution including initial design concept, installation, fuel supply, ongoing maintenance and funding for biomass heating systems. We have a proven track record to deliver a successful project, from rural property installations to large-scale district heating systems. We are experts in sustainability issues and Renewable Heat Incentive matters, and include a biomass wood chip operation with the resources to handle all aspects of the supply chain, from harvesting, through processing and drying if needed, to the tipped or blown delivery of biomass wood chip fuel.

About MHG Systems

MHG Systems is a pioneer in developing the most complete information sharing and communication platform – MHG Biomass Manager – for bioenergy production processes. Our mission at MHG Systems is to bring efficiency gains, cost savings and environmental benefits to all operators in the biomass business value chain, enabling optimization of material and human resources and facilitating operation of more complex business models.

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