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LAAVA researchers to publish new global moisture content algorithm for coniferous biomass

humimeter-bll-biomass-woodchip-probe-1026-pLAAVA, a TEKES / ERDF initiative involving a number of Finnish research organisations and companies, has made significant progress in development of accurate wood inventory moisture prediction models.

The latest results, to be published in the next couple of months, suggest that it may be possible to account for country-specific differences, weather, microclimate and time of year, resulting in one single modeling framework that may be applicable to coniferous biomass across Northern European and North American regions.

“The new algorithm presents a giant step in the ability of enterprises to optimize planning of harvest, storage, transport and energy conversion processes, and will be available as a part of MHG Biomass Manager by the end of Q4/13, further enhancing MHG Systems’ service package”, states MHG Systems’ CEO Mr. Seppo Huurinainen.

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