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Until the end of 2015 Torbjörn Johnsen was the manager of Elmia’s forestry fairs – Elmia Wood and SkogsElmia – and a familiar figure to international and Swedish exhibitors alike. He is now joint owner of Sweden’s biggest online meeting place for forestry issues, Skogsforum.

2016-02-09 083819

Skogsforum’s two owners Fredrik Reuter and Torbjörn Johnsen in front of a stack of Swedish pulpwood.

Rumours abounded in the Swedish forest industry when it became known last autumn that Torbjörn Johnsen had resigned after more than 20 years at Elmia.

“It was time to do something else with my life,” he explains.

But what? That answer is now clear – his new home is Sweden’s biggest online forestry forum, Skogsforum. Founded about a decade ago, it now has 27,000 members and some 130,000 unique visitors per month.

“Skogsforum is a stable platform with great development potential,” Johnsen says. “In addition, its founder Fredrik Reuter and I share the same views on forestry issues and how the business can be developed.”

While Reuter built up Skogsforum alone, he credits much of its success to its members:
“They’ve created Skogsforum and it will continue to be a user-driven forum. Its visitors are a cross-section of Sweden’s forest industry. This is where machine operators discuss issues with each other, private forest owners compare notes and forestry companies and authorities discover the hot topics and trends.”

With two owners now working full-time in the business, the resources are now available to take Skogsforum up to the next level. Members have already requested more editorial material and a variety of services.

The two owners complement each other. Fredrik Reuter began to produce websites in 1999. Torbjörn Johnsen’s focus at Elmia was business development. What unites the two men is an interest in and long experience of forestry.

For more information:
Torbjörn Johnsen, tel. +46 (0)70-646 16 86, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fredrik Reuter, tel. +46 (0)70-576 70 56, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facts about skogsforum.se
Launched: 15 March 2005
Membership numbers on 7 Jan 2016: 27,420
Unique visitors per month: 110,000 to the website + 20,000 to the app
Number of written contributions to the forum: ~360,000
Blogs on skogsforum: ~280
Membership: free
Operated by: a limited company (Skogsforum Media AB)

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Welcome to Forest Romania 16-18 September

2015-09-08 092438

Forest Romania will be the first dedicated professional forestry fair in Romania, a forestry country with sizeable forest resources and an extensive forest industry. The fair is being held by two of the world’s leading organizers of forestry & agricultural trade fairs: Elmia of Sweden and DLG of Germany, 16-18 September in Zizin, just outside the city of Braşov.

Forest Romania’s top attraction is a two-kilometer-long demo trail where exhibitors will demonstrate felling operations using skidders, harvesters, forwarders, cableways, and farm tractor applications. The demo trail goes through steep terrain with a significant elevation difference.

In conjunction with Forest Romania 2015 there will also be seminars, industry meetings and other activities, including events in cooperation with the forestry faculty at the University of Braşov.

With the aid of cutting-edge expertise, we will evaluate various machine systems for both their economic efficiency and their environmental impact, says Dr. Reiner Hofmann from DLG who is responsible for the seminar program of Forest Romania 2015.

The Romanian forest industry must cope with demanding conditions: steep terrain, large stems and a sparse network of forest roads. Simple skidders are used today and significant volumes of timber are still brought out with horses. However there is strong demand for the timber and the prices match those in the rest of Europe. The low level of mechanization makes Romania a very interesting potential market for forest machinery and modern forest technology.

We believe Romanian forestry has a very promising future as we can see already today that companies are investing in new technology and services. The Romanian forest industry needs a good meeting place so that professionals can see and test the new technology and services at home in the forest and discuss today’s challenges, says Anamaria Deliu, the Project Manager of Forest Romania 2015.

Welcome to three important days with news and business
in the heart of Transylvania!

Read more about Forest Romania here: www.forestromania.com

For more information please contact:

Press service: Veronika Albert, Elmia AB, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0046 36 15 22 34
Anamaria Deliu, Elmia AB, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0040 754 63 68 00
Dr. Reiner Hofmann, DLG, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0049 172 54 37 157
Torbjörn Johnsen, Elmia AB. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0046 70 646 16 86

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New-generation forest owners are managing their own forests and aiming for more than just a return on their investment. At least as important to them is to care for their forests in a long-term, environmentally suitable way. That was clear among both the visitors and exhibitors at this year’s SkogsElmia.

2015-06-09 105102

“This year’s fair was a trend break. Forest owners are now demanding that the big forest companies and their subcontractors use gentler methods to reduce ground damage and other types of impact on the environment. We’re now selling 70 percent of our machines to professional contractors,” says Magnus Wallin, business development manager and founder of the machinery manufacturer Malwa, one of a growing number of manufacturers of small forest machines for professional use.

SkogsElmia is the Nordic region’s biggest forestry fair. Exhibitors included a number of manufacturers of full-size machines, including Sampo Rosenlew and Ponsse. Sampo Rosenlew unveiled its very first forwarder and Ponsse presented its upgraded Buffalo forwarder with its active cab levelling system Active Frame.

“There was a lot of interest in the new cab. It was a good fair with a large number of contractors among the visitors,” said Carl-Henrik Hammar, the new managing director of Ponsse’s Swedish subsidiary.

Other innovations also debuted at SkogsElmia. Pewag of Austria had the world premiere of its new-generation tracks for forest machines; Tamtron exhibited its new crane scale with wireless transmission, and ATV Lifeguard had the European premiere of its flexible roll bar for quad bikes.

“There’s a spirit of drive and ambition in the forestry world that spurs on new innovations,” comments SkogsElmia’s project manager, Torbjörn Johnsen. “As forest owners make new demands, forestry fairs are becoming an ever-more important meeting place for the industry’s various stakeholders and also a platform for the development of new products and services. A number of the industry’s biggest players say they meet as many customers, members or suppliers during the three days of the fair as during the entire rest of the year. Obviously such encounters spur on development and change.”

SkogsElmia had 26168 visitors.

The next big forest industry event is Elmia Wood 7–10 June 2017.

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Expertise, new products and innovative strength – they’re all assembled in the same place as SkogsElmia opens its gates in the forest south of Jönköping from 4 to 6 June. World premieres at this year’s fair include a nimble hybrid forwarder and interactive spectacles that enable forest owners to see their forests in a totally new way.

2015-06-04 082439

The focus at SkogsElmia is on the Nordic forestry market with its own particular conditions, such as the high proportion of private forest operations, the high degree of mechanisation and the intensive silviculture with multiple thinnings.This year’s three important themes are ground damage, silviculture with a focus on thinning, and innovations that simplify work in the forest.

One such innovation that is being unveiled at the fair is Sydved’s interactive spectacles, C Wear Interactive Glasses. They are designed to help forest owners plan their thinning and felling operations, take measurements and mark various objects.

“It feels terrific to be able to show forest owners how the latest digital technology can add concrete value to active forest ownership,” comments Daniel Fellenius, head of information at Sydved. “Sydved has always focused on creating developments and technology that benefit both the environment and forest owners, and we regard this as one possible step in the development of an active Swedish forest industry.”

Hybrid mini-forwarder

On the machinery side, a number of new products are being presented at SkogsElmia. Finland’s Sampo Rosenlew is presenting its very first forwarder, the FR28, Ponsse is launching new engines, a new cab with an extra frame, and its new mini-forwarder, the Gazelle, and SP Maskiner is presenting its newly updated harvester head, the SP 451.

There will also be the premiere of the world’s first forwarder with hybrid operation, the mini-forwarder Woodtiger GJ30, developed by Woodtiger AB, a subsidiary of Kranman AB. The Woodtiger GJ30 operates with hydrostatic drive off road and like an ordinary tractor with a mechanical gearbox when transporting timber on roads.

“The biggest benefit is the on-road fuel consumption, which is half what it would be if the machine operated only with hydrostatic drive,” explains Åke Johansson, owner of Woodtiger AB and founder of Kranman AB. “You also avoid problems to do with oils overheating in the summertime. With these features we’ve achieved our goals of developing a very easily operated machine both on and off road.”

More interest in forestry

Interest in forests and forest issues has increased greatly in recent years. Many new forest owners are interested in thinning and silviculture and want to know more about them – how they can best care for their forests using sustainable methods. At SkogsElmia visitors can see a range of solutions for reducing ground damage. The research institute Skogforsk has a number of locations at the fair where various silviculture methods are demonstrated in practice. In some cases, forest owners can make direct comparisons between the various options.

“SkogsElmia is a fantastic source of knowledge ‘on tap’, with products, services and expertise all gathered at one and the same spot,” comments Torbjörn Johnsen, Business Manager Forestryat Elmia. “It’s the industry’s big meeting place and it also has a major social dimension and value in that it gives people an opportunity to meet their suppliers, neighbours, former fellow students on training courses and leading industry figures. All you have to do is walk around and listen, and you realise that this is a big social and professional event for many people.”

For more information contact:

Torbjörn Johnsen, Business Manager Forestry, tel. 036-15 22 54, torbjöThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Veronika Albert, Communication manager, tel. 036-15 22 34, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To access the entire programme visit:


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WB16 eng 300x87pxAdforum, the world-leading organiser of trade fairs for the pulp and paper industry, and Elmia, whose fairs include the world’s leading bioenergy fair, have agreed to combine their previous fairs to create a strong and timely meeting place in the forest industry. Starting in 2016 the previous fairs will all form part of International Wood Biorefining Week, 24-26th May at Stockholmsmässan.

“This will be a long-term collaboration together with our joint partners,” explains Marcus Bergström, CEO of Adforum. “The forest industry is experiencing very powerful change in which synergies and integration between various sectors in the industry are increasingly important. Our customers have long desired fewer, more multifaceted, bigger and, above all, more timely meeting places in the industry where they can meet relevant business partners and customers. Now we can finally offer them that.”

The three events included in International Wood Biorefining Week are International Pulp & Paper Week, World Bioenergy and Bioeconomy Innovation Forum.

International Pulp & Paper Week continues the tradition of fairs for the pulp and paper industry that have been organised by Adforum since 1968. The latest event was held in cooperation with a Swedish pulp and paper organisation in Stockholm in 2011 and brought together 650 exhibiting companies from 30 countries plus almost 10,000 visitors from 56 countries.

Global event

World Bioenergy has been organised by Elmia and it’s partner Svebio, The Swedish Bioenergy Association, since 2004 and has for ten years been an important marketplace for suppliers and purchasers of products, technology, services and expertise in the bioenergy sector.

“Thanks to Sweden’s leading position in the bioenergy field, it has been possible to develop World Bioenergy into a global event with participants from 80 countries,” comments Torbjörn Johnsen, Business Manager Forestry at Elmia. “When we launched World Bioenergy, the growth area was by-products from tree harvesting and the sawmill industry. Today we have a totally new situation with a pulp and paper industry that is investing heavily to create an integrated process industry in which bioenergy is becoming an ever more important part of the product mix.”

Biobased products

Bioeconomy Innovation Forum is a new event for new and innovative products from the forest industry. The focus is on bioplastics, textile fibres, nanocellulose, carbon fibre, packaging, biochemicals and wooden structures. Exhibitors at this event will encounter not only visitors from the forest industry but also from other industries with an interest in biobased products.

“For this event we will also be inviting visitors from other manufacturing industries with an interest in forestry’s sustainable solutions,” Marcus Bergström says. “It’s important to create a dialogue between various industries and to enable forestry companies to meet their customers. At previous forestry events they have mainly met their own suppliers and employees.”

Integrated conferences

In 2016 the three fairs will be held concurrently in the same hall at Stockholmsmässan and the conferences will also be integrated with the fairs. Another partner involved in the fairs is the trade journal Nordisk Papperstidning & Biobusiness, which is owned by the media company Mentor Communication.

Svebio will be involved in the World Bioenergy event. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the leading research and technology company in the Nordic region, and Innventia, a world-leading research institute that works with innovations based on forest raw materials, are conference partners for the Bioeconomy Innovation Forum.

“The forest industry is becoming ever more broader nowadays and it feels both good and important that we can jointly offer customers a marketplace where all stakeholders can meet and new partnerships and business deals can be made,” comments Torbjörn Johnsen. “Sweden and Finland have a special position with regard to the shift towards a biobased society and the driver of this development is the forest and forest industry. It feels totally right that we are now locating this new joint international event in Stockholm.”

Information can also be found at the websites International Pulp & Paper Week or World Bioenergy.

For more information please contact:

Marcus Bergström, CEO of Adforum, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358 44 56 24 524

Torbjörn Johnsen, Business Manager Forestry at Elmia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

+46 70 64 61 686

Catarina Oscarsson, Media Relations Manager at Stockholmsmässan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46 8 749 43 66

Annette Fröstberg, Press Officier at Elmia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +46 36 15 21 24

Adforum was founded in 1968 and is the world-leading organiser of exhibitions for the pulp and paper industry. Over the years the company has organised the world’s biggest pulp and paper exhibitions in Stockholm and Helsinki as well as in China and India. Adforum is owned by Stockholm International Fairs and The Finnish Fair Corporation.

Elmia AB in Jönköping is one of the Nordic region’s leading trade fair companies and annually organises a range of fairs in a variety of business sectors, including conferences, congresses and events. Elmia organises the world’s biggest international forestry fair, Elmia Wood, the Nordic region’s biggest forestry fair, SkogsElmia, and the international bioenergy fair World Bioenergy.

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Elmia and DLG are starting a joint venture to establish a forestry fair in Romania. To be called Forest Romania, the fair will exhibit machines and technology in operation and will be held for the first time 16 – 18 September 2015. Elmia in Jönköping organises the world’s leading forestry fair, Elmia Wood. DLG in Germany organises the world’s leading agricultural fair, Agritechnica, plus other agricultural fairs in several countries.

2014-11-21 091325

“We want to establish this meeting place to help international manufacturers gain a strong foothold in this interesting market when the mechanisation of forestry operations really takes off,” explains Torbjörn Johnsen of Elmia. “But of course it will also be an important gathering place for everyone who works in the Romanian forest industry.”

Romania is the largest forestry nation in southeast Europe but some of its neighbours such as Ukraine also have sizeable forest resources. The region as a whole has high timber values but a low level of mechanisation. The work force is still inexpensive and felling is currently done using chain saws, simple tractors and skidders. Significant volumes are even skidded out with horses. Although a lot of the standing timber is still owned by the central and municipal governments, all logging work is now done by private independent contractors or timber buyers. The annual permitted felling volume is about 18 million cubic metres.

The fair will be located in the heart of Romania’s most densely forested region, near the city of Brașov in Transylvania. The forest administration in Tărlungen (Ocolul Silvic Ciucaş RA) is providing a good site which is equipped with excellent logistics and features forest conditions that well reflect those of Romania as a whole.

“This must be the European country with the toughest logging conditions you can imagine,” says Reiner Hofmann of DLG. “Steep terrain, large stems and a sparse network of forest roads place tough demands on technology and machines.

“Forest Romania will not be a fair for the broad mass of products and companies but rather only for companies that can offer solutions which work here,” he adds, mentioning as examples harvesters and forwarders suitable for steep terrain and modern skidders and cable systems.

The fair will be a joint venture between Elmia and DLG in which DLG’s Romanian subsidiary DLG InterMarketing will take care of the local arrangements whilst Elmia’s and DLG’s forestry specialists are responsible for the concept and contents.

For more information: 

Torbjörn Johnsen, Elmia AB. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0046 70 646 16 86
Dr. Reiner Hofmann, DLG, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 0049 172 54 37 157


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