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KWF Forsttreff at Elmia Wood

The German forestry research institute Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (KWF) is again holding its popular Forsttreff meetings at Elmia Wood. KWF organises fairs in Germany and is constantly seeking out new innovations and ideas in forestry. The Forsttreff events at Elmia Wood will offer a unique opportunity to discuss and evaluate all innovations and developments at the fair.



Forsttreff at Elmia Wood

“We’re sending out information to each exhibitor and asking them to give us their ‘keywords’ to see what innovations there will be,” explains Reiner Hofmann of KFW. “ We will also have a dialogue with the German-speaking forestry trade press. Our Forsttreff programme at Elmia Wood was a success last time and it will be even bigger now.”

Hofmann and his fellow KWF representative Peter Brehl visited Elmia in lateApril to discuss and present their ideas for Elmia Wood 2013. About 5,000 visitors to Elmia Wood come from Germany, many of them inspired to attend by KWF. 

“Last time, in 2009, we just went around at the fair and invited visitors to the fair to come to our meetings every evening,” Hofmann says. “It was a great success, with hundreds of people at our stand at the end of each day.”

This time KWF will prepare more by scheduling discussions on different topics for each day.

“Each discussion will start with a short summary of the fair and of the day’s new developments,” Hofmann says. “We will then discuss the day’s theme and hand over the microphone to the moderator in charge of that.”

KWF expects many interesting discussions and has already invited some innovators and exhibitors to participate at the Forsttreff events.

“This will be a unique opportunity to meet forestry experts in person and talk with them in order to get the right questions and have a direct dialogue, and to survey the market for all the new and exciting things that we are seeing at Elmia,” Hoffman concludes. “Unusual things are always coming from small inventors, like the Swedish machines ‘The Salamander’ and ‘The Beast’. Such new ideas can be evaluated with regard to their future prospects either this year or over the next ten years, and as to whether they are suitable everywhere or where might the market be. There will be many interesting questions and discussions at our stand after each day of Elmia Wood.”

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