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6th International Conference - Bioenergy in Romania

6th International Conference - Bioenergy in Romania - Wood Operation Chain & wood waste management

Bioenergy was declared from a leader newspaper in Romania the “Business of the Decade” for the country, a business branch that is not exploited enough. There is a huge potential for bioenergy in Romania from the forestry and agricultural side as well. The total area of forests in Romania is about 63.700 km² out of which 60% is in the mountains. The total volume of wood in the Romanian forests is about 1.6 billion m³. From the agricultural point of view Romania is about 148.000 km², of which 94.200 m² is arable land. The residues from agricultural crops could be entirely utilized as fuel. Biogas represents also an important part of bioenergy that results from the anaerobic fermentation of organic waste such as: manure, organic waste from the food industry, organic mud and slurry from the used water treatment.


Biomass potential of Romania is considerable. Balancing power capacities are necessary along with fast growing wind sector and the PV expected to follow. Biomass power is one of the most logical alternative for balancing power.  Austrian Holzindustrie Schweighofer already opened 22 MW biomass CHP plant in the country. Romita Energie Verde plants to invest 41 million in biomass power plant with 10 MW electrical and 19 MW thermal capacity in Cluj County. Romanian biomass market has all chances to exceed 210 MW biomass power plants in the next 2 years.The Romanian Biomass & Cogeneration sector is still at the beginning. Experts say that if there is a sector which may explode in 2013-2014, it will be energy production through cogeneration.Opportunities for biomass utilization have been developed in the last few years as Romania has adopted the primary legislative framework for promoting renewable sources. That is why REECO, Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference Organiser all over Europe, plans to organize the traditional one day event: 6th International Conference –Bioenergy in Romania also with news themes.

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