Monday, 06 May 2013 22:41

A forest filled with innovations

The world’s biggest international forestry fair, Elmia Wood, will be bigger than ever this year. The industry is gearing up for a huge party of people and machines when manufacturers and suppliers present their latest products and innovations in the woods south of Jönköping, Sweden from 5 to 8 June 2013.

“Times are still tough in the forest industry but interest in the fair has never been greater,” says Torbjörn Johnsen, product manager of Elmia Wood. “We’ve never had such a big fair in terms of stand space.”  

One-third of the 500 exhibitors are international companies that will be coming to Elmia Wood to present their latest products in a total of 80,000 square metres of booked stand space out in the specially built fair site. This means that the booked stand space is even bigger than for the record fair in 2001, which was the biggest Elmia Wood previously held. In addition there will be dozens of hectares of demo space where many exhibitors will show their new machines and equipment in operation.

About 50,000 visitors from more than 50 countries are expected to come to the fair to see and experience the very latest developments in forest technology. Many visitors are from large far-away forestry nations like Brazil, Canada, the USA and Russia, where making the pilgrimage to Elmia Wood every fourth year has become an important tradition.

“Even though timber volumes have fallen in some industrial segments and countries, the growing use of biomass as fuel is increasing activity in the world’s forests,” Johnsen explains. “Everything in the forest has to keep on working and the entire chain must remain in operation.”

Tough times and financial challenges mean that innovators who contribute new ideas and inventions are receiving more attention and are needed more. Accordingly, this year’s theme at Elmia Wood is innovations and new approaches – new solutions in the forest industry that will make their debut before interested potential business partners and customers from around the world.

“The fair is incredibly important, especially for individual innovators. Many people see their products and good ideas generate a lot of publicity. Even a small operator can get a lot of attention at Elmia Wood,” Johnsen says.

In addition to the latest products and innovations, Elmia Wood is offering visitors masses of activities such as the Forwarder World Championships, which is both a thrilling demonstration of skill and the world’s premiere competition in driving and loading forwarders, and the Champs of Logging competition in the fine art of logging with the emphasis on safety. There will also be award ceremonies for Golden Axe of the Year and Golden Logger of the Year.

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