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Finland’s biggest forestry fair is being held in Jönköping

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ponsse-buffalo-activeframe-13 200p2This year’s SkogsElmia is also a Finnish event. Many exhibitors are from Sweden’s eastern neighbour and some of them have also chosen to hold their world premieres in Jönköping.

Sweden is Finland’s closest export market and SkogsElmia is a fair attended by visitors from the entire Nordic region. This year’s SkogsElmia will be the biggest fair of its type in the area and is therefore also Finland’s biggest forestry fair.

“Sweden is just next door and our countries’ cultures are very similar – the forest is part of our national souls,” explains Rainer Rönnback of Viexpo, which represents Elmia in Finland.

Sweden is also the world’s biggest market for machines and other products developed for the CTL method. The result is that both Finnish exhibitors and visitors come to Jönköping.

“There will be a lot of exciting Finnish innovations at SkogsElmia,” Rainer says. At least one Finnish world premiere will also occur at the fair. Ponsse is presenting its greatly upgraded Gazelle forwarder and a new cab design on its Buffalo forwarder.

Lako Forest, a pioneer in manufacturing harvester heads in the Finnish forest industry, has not had a Swedish representative for a number of years. The company felt the competition in Sweden was so tough that it chose to focus on other markets instead. But at SkogsElmia Lako Forest is returning with a new and competitive range of harvester heads.

As usual, bus trips are being organised from Finland. At least as many visitors as in previous years are also expected to travel to Jönköping independently. As a result, SkogsElmia is also the place where Finnish exhibitors meet Finnish customers.

A number of unexpected innovations are coming to the fair from Finland. One of them is from Syketec, which has developed a harvester head for the do-it-yourselfer. The head is supplied in flatpack form and assembling it at home reduces the price by about 2,700 euro. The head is the Jobo ST75 and it is a stroke harvester that can handle stems up to 30 centimetres at the base.

Finnish manufacturers of various types of firewood machines will as usual be attending, as will companies offering associated equipment like biomass burners and hotwater heaters. Exhibitors in this sector include Agromaster, Ala-Talkari and Farmiforest. Another Finnish exhibitor is Findoor, a manufacturer of large doors for machine halls etc. The companies mentioned here are just a few of the thirty or so exhibitors from Finland at SkogsElmia 2015.

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