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Welcome to the 36th Euroheat & Power Congress!

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Smart and competitive: DHC for cities of the future

Our 36th EHP Congress takes place in Vienna, at Aula der Wissenschaften, from 27 to 28 May 2013.

Competitive, fair and decarbonised: These are key attributes for societies across the globe by 2050. As the most important end-use sectors, heating and cooling are vital to achieving these objectives. The Congress will take a closer look at key challenges: How can the next generation of District Heating and Cooling systems best serve the future smart city? How to support communities seeking cost-effective strategies to deliver more sustainable but also affordable energy services for their citizens? What are the cost-optimal choices between insulating buildings and systematically using waste-heat? Which are the decisive factors to be taken into account for future-proof decisions? What are the most promising strategies for the 21st century?

Bringing together hundreds of District Heating and Cooling professionals from all over the globe and interested parties from all walks of life, the Congress will allow to explore these and many other questions. It will provide a unique forum for learning about new developments in legislation, latest operational experiences, most recent technological developments, and fresh research results. Together, we will debate the next steps required for the District Heating and Cooling sector to maximise its potential contribution.

Our Congress host is Fernwärme Wien, serving more than one third of Vienna’s citizens with green heat and domestic warm water, and an increasing number of customers with green cooling. With a network of more than 1100 km it is one of the biggest DHC company in Europe, showcasing a large variety of heating and cooling sources, including renewable energies, combined heat and power, waste-to-energy and industrial waste heat.

Come to Vienna and join us: With two full days of panel debates, presentations, workshops, followed by site visits, and enriched by networking opportunities, a full and programme is awaiting you!

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