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Mark Lebus, CEO of leading UK-based biomass company, LC Energy, has been elected to the Board of Bioenergy Europe, Europe’s premier bioenergy association established to advocate for the sustainable development of bioenergy across Europe and now representing 40 national federations and over 100 partner organisations.

Mark Lebus, CEO of leading UK-based biomass company, LC EnergyMark Lebus, CEO of leading UK-based biomass company, LC EnergyMark is the second UK appointment to the Bioenergy Europe Board, which has expanded to 18 members, reflecting the evolution of the sector; biomass is now Europe’s first source of locally produced energy representing more than 60% of the total renewable energy consumed and employing more than 500,000 people. 

A recognised industry innovator, Mark Lebus co-founded Surrey-based LC Energy in 2007, since which time the company has grown to become one of the UK’s pre-eminent providers of sustainable energy from biomass, delivering wood fuel and biomass engineering services to a customer base that includes schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, care homes, leisure centres, global hotel groups, international airports and private homes.

Mark Lebus is also Director of the UK Pellet Council, Member of the European Biomass Association Technical Committee, Founder and former Chairman of the UK Wood Heat Association, Founder and former Chairman of the National Wood Fuel Conference and Chairperson of the Enterprise M3 Rural Group.

Commenting, Mark Lebus said: “It is a privilege and honour to have been elected to the board of Bioenergy Europe. Much of what we do in the UK bioenergy sector depends heavily on technical development and knowledge from our European friends and so the opportunity to share best practice and learn from their experience is tremendous. I look forward to being able to contribute to the growth of bioenergy as an essential part of our efforts to decarbonise heat.”

Hannes Tuohiniitty, President of Bioenergy Europe, said: “I look forward to working with Mark and the rest of the Board. His experience and thorough knowledge of the UK market and beyond will be of great value for the upcoming work of the association. The elections of the 14th November mark a clear effort from Bioenergy Europe to include more market players in the board, and Mark is part of this. On the other side, we will also strengthen our policy activities and look forward to market’s point of view when doing so.”

Mark Lebus’ appointment was announced at the European Bioenergy Future Conference in Hanover, Germany (14 November). 

For further information:

LC Energy

LC Energy is a leading biomass supply and engineering company based in Shere, Surrey delivering long-term renewable heating solutions to customers in the public, private and commercial sectors.

Established in 2007, the company has grown from offering wood chip fuel to adding bulk and bagged pellets and, since 2014, biomass engineering services.  Today, LC Energy provides its customers – who include schools, universities, care homes, leisure centres, global hotel groups, international airports and private homes – with an end-to-end biomass solution for heat generation.

LC Energy seeks to inspire every heat energy user to adopt a low carbon long term and renewable alternative to fossil fuel energy. The company has become one of the pre-eminent providers of high quality renewable heating services and fuel supply.

Bioenergy Europe

Bioenergy Europe (formerly known as AEBIOM) is the common voice of the bioenergy sector aiming to develop a sustainable bioenergy market based on fair business conditions. Bioenergy Europe is a non-profit, Brussels-based international organisation founded in 1990 that brings together around 40 associations and 90 companies, as well as academic and research institutes, from all across Europe.

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