Wednesday, 11 July 2018 08:47

Arensis Grand Opening of UK Alternative Energy Biomass Testing Facilities

Who: Arensis is an international provider of distributed energy systems delivering waste to energy solutions based on the world’s most advanced biomass gasification technology in the market. The E4 and new E5 systems each generate 50kW of electricity and 120kW of thermal energy and fit in a 20-foot shipping container for easy and fast deployment around the world. When combined and stacked together, Arensis/Entrade power systems can supply several megawatts of energy completely off grid and can be installed in weeks, not years. The German-engineered units are built for primary baseload generation, producing 24/7 energy from both organic and inorganic waste materials. Arensis is one of the fastest growing decentralised energy providers in the world, deploying more than 200 units and raising in excess of $50 million since 2016.

2018 07 11 084530

What: You are cordially invited to join the Arensis team for the Open Day of our operational unit, the E5, in our newly developed test facility. We will have the E4 and E5 units running throughout the day, as well as guided demonstrations and explanations on the operation of the units and the pellet production facilities at various times throughout the day by our Technical Experts

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