Tuesday, 20 December 2016 18:53

Södra’s nursery in Falkenberg to become fossil-free

Södra is investing SEK 6 million in its Falkenberg nursery. The investment will result in a new greenhouse and means the facility will take another step towards fossil-fuel independence.

The investment is in line with the sustainability targets set by Södra earlier in the autumn, one of which was that Södra’s production is to be fossil-free by 2020 and transport activities are to be fossil-free by 2030. The new greenhouse in Falkenberg is one step on this path.

“I am very happy that we are further realising our efforts through this investment,” said Johan Jonsson, Head of Södra Skogsplantor. “We have so much to contribute on climate issues and in the shift to a fossil-free society. This clearly shows how we as a company can take part in and lead the way in this transition.”

The new fossil-free greenhouse will replace two old, end-of-life greenhouses, and is more energy efficient, reducing energy consumption by about 25 percent. Parts of operations in Falkenberg have already transferred to fossil-free operation, such as the production of PluggPlusEtt seedlings*. During the autumn, two gas boilers have also been replaced with a larger pellets boiler for heating staff facilities and a production hall.

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Work on the new greenhouse will begin during the winter months, and it is expected to be operating next summer. When next year’s investments are complete, then 95 percent of operations will be fossil-free. The final stage is another greenhouse in Falkenberg to replace the old greenhouses that still use gas heating. This is scheduled for 2018-19.

Södra’s nursery in Flåboda has been completely fossil-free since 2015.

“It’s a long-term project to make production fossil-free. You must be prepared to work patiently, and constantly look for new solutions,” said Johan Jonsson. “Work in Flåboda took six years and we are constantly diligent to remain fossil-free there. We are now taking the next step with the nursey in Falkenberg.”

* The PluggPlusEtt seedlings have been developed by Södra and are initially grown in a pot and later transplanted to arable land. These are robust seedlings that are primarily planted on land where land preparation is not possible for some reason.

Södra was founded in 1938 and is the largest forest-owner association in Sweden, with a membership of more than 50,000 forest owners. We engage in modern and responsible forestry, and operate state-of-the-art mills in which we process our raw material. Through value-generating relationships and a long-term approach, Södra is leading the way for the next generation of forestry. 

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