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Best-in-Class Software Solution for Managing Bioenergy Supply Chains Arrives in the United States

Verdanté BioEnergy Services (VBS), the leading provider of technology solutions for the biomass energy sector, announced their appointment as the exclusive U.S. distributor of MHG Systems’ Biomass Manager software.MHG Systems was looking for a partner who had a clear vision of the growth potential in the bioenergy sector and strong market knowledge.

2014-03-05 080828“For professionals working in the pellet, fuels, or power industry, Biomass Manager means  smarter, faster and easier monitoring, sharing and reporting of crucial data in biomass supply chains,” said David Waechter, CEO of Verdanté Bioenergy Services. “With customization features that simplify integration with existing systems, companies who employ this software will be able to save time and costs”

“MHG Biomass Manager enables maximum efficiency and consistency across all stakeholders in the biomass-to-energy supply chain by facilitating improved planning, decision-support, recording and verification of documentation, contractor management, and above all: continuous learning and improvement” said Seppo Huurinainen, CEO of MHG Systems in Finland.

When purchasing biomass for energy conversion, it's essential for energy companies, biofuel, biocoal and pellet facilities to know its quality, quantity, energy content and origin. Using leading edge technology, the MHG solution monitors the quality and characteristics of feedstock as part of an integrated end-to-end system for managing the biomass supply chain and procurement process. This innovative system allows energy producers to manage resources from the field to the delivery end-point with optimal transparency and efficiency, to avoid fundamental operational and process problems, and to lower their overall costs while significantly increasing profits. 

Biomass Manager is the most comprehensive software solution for bioenergy facilities to pre-define planning metrics, standardize best practices, monitor inventories, document biomass specifications, and create comprehensive reports for strategic decision-making. Conversion facilities working on tighter and tighter margins are able to visualize and improve their understanding of their supply chains. Key costs and inefficiencies can be minimized to maximize return on investment. What’s more, Biomass Manager maintains billing compliance while allowing feedstock quality to be measured, documented, and monitored by site with customized criteria.

Any given bioenergy facility must deal with a myriad of contributing factors when it comes to maintaining the supply chain.  Using software like Biomass Manager allows operators to make better decisions, get invoices processed faster, communicate with fieldworkers, and source feedstocks according to a more precise operations strategy overall.  “It really cuts through the clutter - the data make sense in real time.”

This robust software as a service (SaaS) is the product of eight years of intensive development orchestrated by professionals who also understand the problems forest and agricultural producers face on a day to day basis.  The system is designed to bridge the gaps between producers of biomass, conversion facility staff, and outside stakeholders such as customers and government subsidy programs. Key components of the system setting Biomass Manager apart from the competition are the mapping capability, SMS messaging, mobile data collection, integrated weather and calendar functions, and modular customization with existing protocols and software systems.

Verdanté BioEnergy Services has been building a brand and portfolio of innovative supply chain solutions since their formation in 2011. “Our company was founded out of a family farm operation, so we immediately understood the importance of ethics and relationships in making business deals,” said Waechter, “We understood not only what MHG needed to grow in terms of market awareness, but we immediately identified our shared values.”  Waechter continued, “We expect significant growth in the bioenergy industry in the foreseeable future, especially in 2015. Growth will equate to supply chain challenges and Verdanté BioEnergy Services is offering Biomass Manager as a means for facility operators to overcome these hurdles. Verdanté will continue to support the bioenergy sector with cutting-edge IT solutions for supply chain optimization.”

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About Verdanté BioEnergy Services

Founded in 2011, Verdanté BioEnergy Services is focused on making bioenergy the most reliable renewable energy available. Led by CEO, David Waechter, the team offers services to support the development of biomass energy conversion facilities in the United States.  In addition to software and information technology, services include feedstock procurement, resource supply studies, supply chain management, export logistics, and commercial appraisals.  Through our extensive network, we are also able to bring cost reductions in a host of relevant product lines such as machinery, lubricants, and other infrastructure requirements.

Headquarted in Lenoir, NC in a land of rolling hills covered in top grade timber formerly known as the “Furniture capital of the World”, the company was built upon shared rewards and fair compensation tied directly to results. The culture at Verdanté emphasizes sustainable and ethical practices business practices. We align with bioenergy firms to eliminate anxiety and frustration by solving problems, saving our clients’ time and money.

For more information about Biomass Manager, visit www.verdantebioenergy/biomassmanager.

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About MHG Systems

MHG Systems Ltd is a bioenergy ERP systems pioneer. We innovate through integrating open software technology with years of field experience in the biomass business. The results are agile and user-friendly application services, aimed to facilitate flexible and resilient business models in what is a rapidly changing business environment.

MHG Systems is headquartered in Finland, at the heart of one of Europe’s most heavily forested areas, from where the company offers its services to customers around the world. Our track record speaks for itself; our solutions for resource and supply chain management have brought our customers cost savings, as well as improvement in feedstock quality and environmental management.

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