Saturday, 08 June 2013 19:47

Homogenous chips with less energy consumption

Tougher and tougher emissions limits on engines are forcing manufacturers to also change other parts of their machines.

chip 1

The new Vermeer HG6000 grinder gives a more homogenous result.

Vermeer is an American manufacturer of grinders and chippers for biofuel. When they gave their big HG6000 grinder an improved environmental engine the entire machine was redesigned right down to the drum that crushed the material.

“We’ve replaced the hammer we used to use with knives,” said Ruben Coppodse of Vermeer.

chip 2

The drum is the big innovation.

The machine and its new drum were exhibited for the first time in Europe at Elmia Wood 2013.

The new drum reduces energy consumption and also produces more homogenous material, which is required by many buyers of biofuel.

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